The power of delegating tasks and why you should become a master at it.

I’ve been there!


One hundred tasks on your plate and you just don’t know where to start. Also, having the fear of letting go of tasks that you only know how to do because this is what makes you irreplaceable or so you think?


As a leader it is impossible to do everything yourself and you shouldn’t be doing it all. This is frequently the cause of most burn out in the workplace!


How much are you helping when you cannot put anything more on your plate to grow?


In order to elevate other team members and to take things off of your plate you have to become a master of delegating. This doesn’t mean that you are no longer in charge of the certain things that you are handing off, it actually makes you a bigger asset knowing that you can be counted on to delegate and be responsible for other people. This creates the opportunity for you to have more and more important tasks being added to your plate. How fulfilling is that! This concept really empowers the people on your team and also builds trust, which in turn helps everyone work together better in the long run.


This also shows your team that you respect them and trust their ability to take on more responsibility. Most people that experience this in their workplace have a higher level of commitment to their work.


Here are the top 5 ways to become a master of delegation:


#1- Make sure people are ready for the responsibility.

Grow people within your practice who WANT to grow, make sure you take them aside and have a talk with the people you work with on your team. They may want to take on more tasks and in turn remove things off your plate but you have to be willing to communicate these things with each other. This may be an amazing time to do something called delegate and elevate. Some people may not want to be elevated and they may like what they are doing and not want to take on any more tasks. Others may be ready to take on more, this is a good way to figure out who wants to do more and how to make sure that you are choosing the right person for the job!


#2- Set proper expectations and deadlines.

You can’t just throw the task to someone else and expect them to know what you want. You have to set the proper expectations and train them properly before you let go of the tasks. This may take a couple of times to train what you want exactly done but you cannot expect to just tell someone what you want done and have them do it the exact way you want it. This is when writing down a protocol may help or even capture the system via video that way they know your exact expectation. It may be one of your barriers thinking that training the tasks will take longer than just getting it done yourself, but when the task is off of your plate permanently you will think otherwise. When delegating tasks it takes patience and persistence but once the task is performed with precision and accuracy then you can give away that task with your mind at ease that it is being done properly and will get done on time.


#3- Continue to follow up and take action if something goes wrong.

This is where your leadership skills will come in handy and this is what I mean when I say that you are never “no longer in charge”. Technically you are still in charge of the task but you may not be the one doing it. You still need to have some follow through in order to know the task is being done when it needs to be done. In this case I highly recommend using something like “Clickup” to keep tabs on what is being done and when. This allows you to not have to consistently remember ten things in your own head but it is a resource for you to be able to communicate effectively and efficiently anytime during the day. It will relieve a lot of headache, believe me-it is something that I use for work and my personal projects as well!


#4- Keep an open door for them to come and ask questions.

Even though you have now delegated amongst your team make sure that you are still available for them to come to you with any questions that they may have or if they need help with anything. Knowing that you are there for your team members no matter what will also help create an amazing culture in your practice and allows for open communication at all times, it also allows trust in your relationship with your teammates which is the most amazing thing that you can captivate when being a leader over others! Trust is #1.


#5- Make sure to say Thank you.

When we are doing more and really working hard, we all want to hear a simple “thank you”! It really means a lot to feel appreciated especially when you are going the extra mile and stepping out of your comfort zone. So don’t forget this to keep up momentum and make sure that your team really knows how much you appreciate them stepping up. Expressing gratitude might allow others to want to take even more off of your plate in the future!


Positioning yourself as a delegating master will allow you to do so much more – practice makes perfect so get started today. Your growth for the future will depend on it!


Start empowering your team today!