For the Dentist – Things I do in my office that make me feel invested in the VISION of the practice and how you can also create this mindset within your team!

The ability to coach and be coached is a part of our long list of team agreements at our office.

Teaching and Coaching other assistants is such a passion of mine.

Luckily, I work for doctors who want to educate and elevate their team members that way we are constantly growing and in turn this allows us to feel like we are an integral part of the BIG VISION for the practice. 

This consistent growth that is supported around our professional AND personal goals allows us to WANT to INVEST in the practice even more, it is really a WIN-WIN!

In 2012, I told my boss I wanted to go back to school for Dental Hygiene because I wanted to learn and do MORE in the dental field. Her knowing my dreams and vision, she allowed me to do this and really supported my schedule and my dream and didn’t just get rid of me because “I wouldn’t be there forever”. 

This is when our relationship really changed!

 I saw the value in how she supported me so much with my outside goals.  In the end, when it was time for me to go to hygiene school, I actually changed my mind and wanted to help support her vision as well, as long as there was growth on my end within the practice! 

She made me part of the leadership team, a clinical team lead and teaches me new things every single day! 

She also trusts my expertise so much that I am part of the hiring and training team. This also helps her in the long run be able to sustain a smooth schedule because I get to DO MORE and take on more RESPONSIBILITY (as long as it is within my scope of practice, of course!)

Here are few things that I do at my office that make me feel invested in the practice:

  • I am part of the leadership team. I am part of the practice that creates the vision and sees it through.  I help make big decisions on what’s next for our office, problem solving and goal setting and put it to work! I also delegate and follow up with the clinical team to make sure that everything is running smoothly. When a team member needs help- I am there to help them every step of the way! This doesn’t fall directly on the doctors (even though they are always there to back me up if I need it!).  
  • My doctor lets me DO MORE! I get to be as hands on as I possibly can within the scope of my job. I take all the xrays (which I believe every assistant should), I create the gentlewave platform for my doctor so she can finish a report, see another patient, numb a patient in the next room, or even drink a cup of coffee!
  • (Within the scope of my practice, in North Carolina)  I can do the etching protocol for composites and even place purple permaflow in the tooth as an orifice barrier WHILE looking in the microscope,
    I place the sponge and temporary filling in the tooth, take off the rubber dam, take the final xray, and go over post op instructions- ALL while the doctor is tending to other things in the office. When I am finished she will come in and go over the treatment with the patient before they are walked out!

Of course, you will have to take the time to properly train your assistants to do these things, but it will be so worth it in the long run.

Let your assistants DO MORE at the office (this means delegating and letting go of the vine)  so that you can focus more on patient care. 

Get to KNOW your teams personal and professional goals and really SUPPORT them.

 I promise you if you do this you will have infinite support on your end as well and they will want to INVEST in YOUR VISION for the future!