Become a rockstar dental assistant,
and build a career that shines

Whether you just passed your exam, or have been working with patients for 10 years, Polished Academy will empower you with the knowledge and confidence to become an indispensable assistant to your doctor, create seamless patient experiences, and forge your own new path to the career of your dreams.

I believe there is always something new you can learn as a dental assistant; You can always grow. When you’re ready to take that next step towards fulfillment and success as a dental assistant, Polished Academy has your back.


  • This virtual learning experience is 100% online which means you can work through it at your own pace and on your own time
  • Polished Academy was designed and created by an industry expert – me! – who has lived and worked in this industry for over 10 years; trust that if I have learned it, I’m sharing it with you now in these courses 
  • These courses feature the latest, greatest, and most effective information, resources as well as tips and tricks, so you’re learning relevant information for today 
  • Apply what you’re learning immediately! Why wait? Everything you learn in Polished Academy can be applied the next day – there’s no waiting to start implementing your learning

Each course has been carefully designed to honor the dental industry, the practice of working diligently with your doctor and the patients, and YOU – your personal and professional goals.

How to Find Your Dream Team

You’ve worked hard to get your dental assistant certification. Now, it’s time to find the RIGHT place for you to grow. It takes much more than just submitting your resume, find out how!

Endo Assisting Amplified - Independent + The Collective (with coaching)

🎉Welcome to the Endo Assisting Amplified – Independent + The Collective.

This choice includes everything within the Independent option plus 8 weeks worth of coaching calls, access to all recorded coaching calls, Q&A, the course schedule, and a searchable database of all the questions asked.

  • 8 Modules with downloadable resources
  • Comprehensive course
  • Assessments per module 
  • Orientation call
  • 8 weekly coaching calls with yours truly (Wednesday nights – 8pm -9pm EST)
  • Access to replays of the coaching calls
  • Access to a Q&A Call Database.
  • Endo Assisting Amplified Workbook

Endo Assisting Amplified - Independent

Endodontic assisting Amplified! This masterclass will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know on how to become the BEST Endo assistant out there!

🎉Welcome to the Endo Assisting Amplified – Independent 

This includes 8 modules with assessments that you can learn at your own pace. 

This is an amazing option if you are experienced and you are a great self learner. 

The Independent option alone does NOT allow access to The Collective which includes 8 weeks of coaching and more.

  • 8 Modules with downloadable resources
  • Comprehensive course
  • Assessments per module 
  • Endo Assisting Amplified Workbook